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Puppy Board & Train Skill Booklet

  • 52Weeks
  • 38Steps


This is your Activities Program where you will find all the exercises that your dog has learned over the time of their puppy board and train. It will be set up roughly in a learned order and broken into several categories but feel free to move through the exercises as your dog has the capabilities to perform all enclosed skills. It is important that we shrink down our dog's world a little bit to set these new boundaries before we open the world up to all the possibilities of what we want to now explore. These exercises were worked in environments where I set these boundaries and expectations for your dog as soon as they came into my presence. You will need to reestablish the rules and boundaries for your dogs once they re-enter their home environment. Remember, your puppy is still just that. A puppy and most of them go through their major adolescence for 2 to 2 1/2 years depending on breed. They are not perfect and are looking for YOU to show them the boundaries. Puppies are like children and will test your boundaries, but you don't throw a child out because they throw a tantrum. You slow everything down, breathe, and show them what the correct behavior is and it might take some trials until your dog learns these are the new boundaries and expectaions. Have patience and know they CAN do it, they just need you to show them how to do it. If an exercise doesn't feel like it's working, please discuss this in your weekly or mid-week check-ins. It's important to ensure we are working the exercises correctly and address if they are not effective. If there are issues we want to reevaluate what exercises we have in our plan and make tweaks as necessary. We always want to set ourselves up for success and that happens with transparency, accountability, and responsibility. If you ever forget or question if you're working on an exercise correctly, always feel free to reach out through the chat options.

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