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What makes us different?

Ever felt like dog training was just a series of exercises thrown at you without a roadmap for success? That's where we differ. Our approach is all about transformative coaching. Instead of leaving you to fend for yourself after a training session, we provide you with a clear blueprint for success.

Here's how it works: We don't just hand you the exercises and wish you luck. We walk you through each step, ensuring you understand the 'why' behind every action. But it doesn't stop there. Our method is all about accountability. We provide you with a structured action plan and check-in regularly to keep you on track. Think of us as your partners in progress, dedicated to helping you and your furry friend thrive

How does it work?

In Transformative Dog Coaching, we embark on a journey together, as a united team or pack*, to achieve our goals alongside our loyal canine companions. As we step into this adventure towards better behaviors, heightened confidence, reduced reactivity, a deeper bond, or simply more relaxation in our lives with our dogs, the first step is setting our goal.


Rest assured, you're not alone in this journey. We'll discuss and define our objectives together. All methods I employ are rooted in positive reinforcement, ensuring a force-free environment. My aim is always to honor your dog's authentic self and empower them to manage their behaviors effectively.


Once our goals are established, we'll craft your personalized action plan. This plan will be tailored to your unique circumstances because no two goals are achieved in the same way. Your 'homework' will be straightforward, providing clarity on what's expected each day, week, or month, and guiding you on your path forward. Your program will house these tasks and check-ins, serving as a tool to keep you on track and accountable not only to yourself but to our entire pack*.


During our coaching sessions, we'll review your progress, discuss successes and challenges, set intentions for the upcoming session, and chart a course toward success. These sessions are flexible, centered around your priorities for the week, yet always grounded in our core goal. Various locations are available for scheduling sessions, and depending on our objectives, we'll navigate a path of progression together.

Why do I use a pack mentality?

Allow me to introduce myself if you haven't already read my profile: my name is Abigail Wolf. Since my early years, I've been captivated by animals; they've provided me with a sense of belonging and community throughout my life's journey. Within my family, we often refer to ourselves as a pack, united in our support and care for each other. Your pack represents your tribe, your community, and your family. For me, my pack consists of those I cherish and wish to see flourish in the world because a pack is more than just a group; it's a familial bond.


When you look up the definition of a pack, you'll find it described as 'a set of persons with a common interest,' and that's precisely what I aim to cultivate for all my clients: a sense of camaraderie, knowing that others are facing similar challenges and supporting one another through the journey. 

A pack is a dynamic and fluid space where we are looking to bring out the strengths in each individual and honor them for exactly who they are and support that individual combination of personality and genetics.

From a scientific standpoint, we understand that complex tasks are often better tackled within a group setting. I recognize the struggles of addressing behavioral issues with your dogs alone, which is why I advocate for the pack mentality. Attempting such challenges solo can set us up for failure, lacking the support, motivation, and accountability that a pack provides. Within a pack, we harness the strengths of each individual, honoring their unique blend of personality and genetics.


Our collaboration will encourage you to see your dog authentically, fostering fulfillment in their life. As fulfillment grows, undesired behaviors naturally diminish. My objective is to equip you and your dog with the skills to communicate, coexist, and navigate daily life harmoniously, creating a happy, functional pack where every member is valued and accepted for who they are. Let's redefine this concept and restore its positive essence together!       

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