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 to the beginning of a new way of working and seeing the world with your dog! 

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What path is right for you?

Today is the right day to take another step toward building a strong relationship with your dog based on trust and understanding. 

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Most of what people call aggression in dogs is really just an inappropriate response to fear and uncertainty. The way to address the problem is taking away the fear of the unknown, by making it known.”

Dick Russe

Olly and I were fortunate enough to find Abby and A Wolf's Way to work on his on-leash reactivity. She really listened and understood both of us right away and she really took the time to get to know us. I loved that Abby could rally behind Olly and actually cared about our success. Every bit of progress we made was because of the clear steps Abby provided AND then she cheerled for us along the way. I loved that Abby was there to point out how much we had accomplished and our hard work. I appreciated that every step along the way made sense - I have so many tools in my toolbox now for Olly. We really couldn't have gotten here without Abby's training.
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