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Dog Coaching Sessions

Providing Everything You Need

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At Home Coaching

Transform your pup's behavior with starting from the comfort of your home! Our private in-home sessions focus on improving your dog's greeting manners, calmness with guests, backyard reactivity, and basic manners in the home. Let us help you and your furry friend live in harmony.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to have an overall wonderful puppy experience. 

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Peak Park Performance 

  Join A Wolf's Way for personalized dog training sessions in the great outdoors! These coaching sessions take place in various parks, where we work on building focus and engagement in new environments while tackling natural distractions. With personalized attention and tailored exercises, your furry friend will be able to stay within their threshold while gaining confidence in new environments.


Come join us and let's train like a pack for success. 

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Taking to the Town

 Is it your goal to be able to take your dog everywhere with you? Whether you're looking to improve obedience, reduce anxiety, or just have a better-behaved pup in public, we have a service to meet your needs. Our unique approach incorporates training in busy and populated areas, helping pet owners achieve their goals of taking their dogs to any location while helping their dogs learn how to behave in a variety of situations.

Contact us today to schedule a session and start your dog's journey to becoming a well-behaved companion.

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Hitting the Trail

  Looking for a fun and engaging way to train your furry friend? Join us and experience the ultimate dog training adventure! Hike with us as we work on focus, recall, and impulse control, all while enjoying the beauty of nature. Our goal is to help you and your dog achieve greater harmony and enjoyment together on the trail. 


Don't wait, sign up today and see the difference in your dog's behavior

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Looking for our Online Sessions?

Now, you can benefit from A Wolf's Way coaching programs from the comfort of your own home.  Our new online programs cater to dogs of all ages and breeds, providing valuable training and behavior modification techniques.

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