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My Mission & Vision

Trust the Moment and Listen

     I am an intuitive and passionate person with a dedication to working with people and animals helping them to enhance and transform their relationship. For me, it could be seen as one of life’s greatest gifts to be able to create bonds with animals so that we chose to live in harmony together.  Through studying the dynamic behaviors of various animals, I work to create a vision of a specific animal’s perspective so that I can better understand ways to enrich their life. In switching to this new perspective, I am able I try to create a language that can be understood by both parties, fostering a deeper way to communicate with our animal companions. I strive to teach others about enhanced ways to understand and communicate with animals so that they feel empowered to make meaningful bonds with the natural world around them with animals both wild and domestic. It is my hope that we may one day build our lives around being in harmony with the natural life around us and not having animals live their lives around us. 

Sunrise over Mountains

My Philosophy 

     My personal philosophy in life, as well as my work, is to truly put my whole heart into anything that I’m trying to accomplish. When it comes to getting something done I don't believe anything is really with doing if I’m not going to approach it with a passion for excellence and do my best at every step of the journey. I've found that even when times get tough, as long as I continue to give it my all and persevere, I can get it done. I find that there is so much beauty and magic in this world but often many people don’t know how to see it or feel connected to it. It is my belief that when we put all of ourselves into what we do, the world give back even more beauty to us helping us to see and feel more than we did before, it starts to communicate with us. 

     From the time I was young, I had this burning sense of adventure to find more in the world and see all the beauty that it has to offer. It was in nature, being surrounded by plants and wildlife that I always felt most connected to everything around me. Something in the primal nature of animals being so present in each moment helped me to see the world through so many different lenses. I always remind my clients that your dog is only ever striving to be right here, right now moment, and will only ever be their authentic selves at the end of the day. This helped me to create a sense of unity and balance with the space around me and my heart would open to all that was there, helping me to be more present.

     The more I would embrace this connection the more I wanted to share it with others and help them understand what that sense of oneness can feel like. With that feeling of open-heartedness comes a great level of compassion and understanding. I always work to recognize that we each come here from different paths but it’s through that journey that we are able to meet one another and share in this moment together. I strive to be open, honest, and true to my word at all times as my integrity is something I hold in high value. I seek to help others learn how to open themselves up to seeing the world in a new light and feel that sense of deep connectedness to all that is around them. It is through that understanding and through our animals eyes that we can come together to shape a world of balance and harmony and I will chase that idea with a burning passion throughout my life. 

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