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All About Puppies

  • 12Weeks
  • 50Steps
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Join us for "All About Puppies!" - a coaching and informational class perfect for new puppy parents or anyone looking to brush up on their puppy knowledge. Led by the experts at A Wolf's Way, this class will cover all the basics of obedience, socialization, mental enrichment, and more for puppies in the 9-week to 6-month age range. This is an online class. Upon your purchase, you will receive access to all your online materials. All new lessons open up on the 1st day of the week. This is designed so you stay focused on each exercise and take time to work on it with your dog. Some dogs may learn more quickly than others but it is still very important that we give our puppies time to integrate the information. We will have weekly online meetings to enhance your learning of each week's exercises as well as address any other questions or problems you may be dealing with with your puppy. Meetings will be recorded so if you miss any information we can still get it to you and you don't miss out on anything valuable.

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