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Hello and Welcome Everyone!!!

Hey Everyone, I'm so delighted to be launching this website as a way to try and create a little more sense of community between my clients as well as create an easy portal to be able to give everyone access to different things like videos and information as they progress in wither private sessions or classes. As I continue working out some of the finer details of this site feel free to message me about different things you'd like to see added and what works best for you! Especially if there is an issue with something please reach out and let me know. If you've worked with me, you know I'm all about transparency and appreciate the honest feedback!

As I build I want to add in things like weekly questions where you can all send in differnt questions and I'll pick one at the end of the week to write on. Even if it's a question you might've already asked me personally in a session, feel free to ask it here again because that question could be the Ah-Ha! moment for someone else down the line. I'm all about those Ah-Ha moments! As I mentioned I want this to be something where you can all be excited about your dogs and engage in discussion about the high's and low's of your weekly training. With training, each day is a new journey filled with new obstacles and that means that some days are going to be AWESOME, but other days might be hard or also frustrating. Feel free to share the goofy moments of your dogs, and also the hard moments. Again, these can be great learning opportunites for everyone to be able to build on what they're doing with their dogs.

I'm excited to open this up to all my clients and bring everyone together, so with that, welcome to the Wolf Pack friends and as always, Happy Training!!

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