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Relax and Reengage

  • 12Weeks
  • 94Steps


This program is designed for dogs that have the basics down but are building on maintaining a positive presence awareness with their dog parents. That means our dogs might sometimes get stressed in new environments and either shut down or get overly worked up. We work on bringing them back to the present moment and what's happening around them immediately rather than the far-off environment. This is also a program for blended clients, those that have both an overly social and a shy nervous dog working in the same environments This program requires a couple of homework exercises as a way to help you learn more about your dog. For shy nervous dogs, sometimes the process can be slower because they're looking for a sense of security in the world around them, and that's not something that can be rushed. Remember, we're trying to turn the haunted house into something more understandable. Remaining patient and understanding will help your dog move more quickly in the program overall. Let's help your dog to find the confidence of their inner wolf!

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