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Valley Road

Setting Our Intentions

Each new client needs to start with an assessment. This is designed to help us figure out what behaviors we are focusing on and what we want our goals to be moving forward. Assessments are 1-hour appointments that take place at the client's home. Online assessments are reserved for out-of-area clients or on a severe case basis.

Dog Walker at the Park

Coaching Session

Based on your program we will decide on what location is best to begin our work, this might be an in-home, a park session, a session out and about, or even a hike. Our goal is always success so we choose the environment based on that idea. As we build on behaviors, the environment may change based on our needs.

*Online sessions available. 


Puppy Camp

Think of this as a jump start to your program. This is mainly reserved for puppies but is open to some dogs on a case-by-case basis. Your puppy becomes my shadow for roughly 2 weeks to build on behaviors and kickstart the learning process. We build a tailored program for you to stay consistent with after the stay is complete

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