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A Wolf and Best Doodle Friend

Hey there,

My name is Abigail Wolf and I'm so excited for the opportunity to work with you and you canine best friend!

     I lived most of my life out in Reading, Pennsylvania, but in September of 2020, I moved out to Colorado with my cat, my two dogs and my two rats and although it was a crazy drive to get here, we have loved every moment of being here!

     For me, my passion for wanting to work with animals bloomed when I was young. Growing up, my mother always loved animals and helped to instill that love in me as well. Animals were always a big part of my life, and my friends would fondly refer to our house as a little zoo because we generally had two dogs, two birds, a couple of anoles, a cat, and a fish.  For me, watching animals was a way for me to understand the world more fully and see things outside of my own perspective.

     I graduated in the fall of 2016 with a bachelor’s in business and psychology and then went on to get my master’s in transpersonal psychology which I finished in June of 2021. While in my master’s program, I focused my work on how we can deepen our understanding of ourselves and others through our connections to animals. In their natural state, animals represent all the characteristics that Vaughan (1985) described as being a transpersonal identity: compassionate, loving, wise, receptive, allowing, unlimited, intuitive, spontaneous, creative, inspired, peaceful, awake, open, and connected.

     When I first moved out to Colorado I was working for the local humane society as an Animal Care Technician caring for all the animals there each day and helping them feel as though they were in a safe space full of love. Ultimately, the euthanasia side and working with the court hold dogs that pay the price for human error made me realize I wanted to be on the other side of things, helping animals to stay out of shelters and giving animals the tools they needed to succeed in the world we’ve created. I wanted to be able to do more to help the fearful, reactive, high arousal and aggressive animals have a chance in our society.

Working with animals has helped me to look deeper at myself and it is a practice that I try and share with others. I believe that if we can work more frequently on stepping outside our own perspective and into that of someone or something else, we can see the world in a completely new way and possibly change the way we look at a situation. I’m all about building a deep connection with our animals and learning to see more clearly through their eyes. This practice of taking perspectives ultimately brings us closer to one another and helps us care for one another on a deeper level.

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